Right from the emergence of creations by GOD, till it’s existence man is curious to know about his existence. There are many different opinions on the existence of man.

Man thinks himself to be superior than any other creature due to his power. Though science has provided with logic and considered man to be able to discover every thing.

Though man has been able to develop the technology that can help the childless couple to have babies. But still he is unable to determine why do death occurs. Some things science also believe in.

Man, no doubt is super but basically we all are souls. We have been given this body temporarily to perform our duties in the best way. We’re not the owner of our bodies. We’re not here for occupying any thing but to do our work in the best way we can.

All of us know this truth that we are mortals I. e. we will die one day but still how foolish we’re that we talk in such a manner as though we are the owners of the materials we have earned.

GOD is not going to see what we have earned or our property. HE will be judging our karma and our way of living whether it was honestly done or not.

Our karmas will decide our rebirth. We’re trapped in the magical world through GOD who judges us through our karmas.

So it’s better to follow the spiritual path in life by accepting and admitting that we’re not going to live here permanently.



I had an amazing experience today which made me first feel bad then made me worry about it. Alcohol and drugs are posing a serious threat so much that the middle class parents as well as the child is unable to understand what to do? Our society still denies publicly that the young child in the family is addicted. They feel afraid and ashamed to disclose and don’t want to get the treatment. Family too needs counseling along with the patient.


Indian Soap Operas

Yes, indian television shows are full of crap and illogical stuff but yesterday I came across one show which very well depict the hypocrisy of Indian society. In that show a man raped his wife and was not guilty because for him marital rape isn’t a crime but when the same thing happened with his sister he got furious and saved her and thus realized that what he did was wrong too. Isn’t this the reality of our society. Here men realize they are wrong only when it comes to there families and rather then that they doesn’t ever realize that how wrong they are in their ego.


This world is but

Illusion of every single thing

We live, love, make relationships,.

Bound to them

Have family, friends

Earn, work like machines

In the end no one stands for us

Have to leave this world alone

Nothing stops world goes on

All this worldly pleasures are fake

Enjoy them fulfill your responsibility

But don’t forget permanent home is GOD’s place

Accept and admit it

Your karmic actions will only go with you.

You are a character of GOD’s play

He has planned best for you

Stay grounded

Live, love and enjoy your life


Fresh air is needed for the brain to function in a proper way. Early morning’s nascent oxygen if inhaled, leads to blood circulation in brain and the body becomes active and fresh feeling comes from within for the whole day.

Early morning hours are blissful if you go out in park and do regular exercise. Daily early morning exercising outside keeps you healthy, strong and free from any disease.

Nascent oxygen from plants when inhaled keeps blood circulation fast and impurities are removed from the body, when exercise is being done in the early morning hours then inhaled oxygen makes the blood circulation fast giving the brain fresh blood to circulate which in turns circulate in the whole body making you fresh and active the whole day. This in turns increases the age of the living beings.